This product is based on consumers wish for instant cooling when entering ones room in peak summer. Here’s Onida iCool AC – the world’s first AC with an advanced Auto Climate technology that controls both your ceiling fan and AC to deliver instant cooling with One touch control.

This AC insures faster cooling for large places that too in an economically viable way.

Energy Saving
The air conditioner runs at a preset temperature setting and low fan speed ensuring less consumption of electricity with optimum cooling.
Powerful Cooling
The units comes with high BTU compressor to meet the cooling requirement in peak summer when AC need is most.
Long Life
Onida ACs are designed for durability with several layer of protective and corrosion resistant coating on coils,sheet metal for long life.
Gold Fin Coil
The cooling coil fins are coated with an additional coating to ensure longer life of cooling coil
High Savings
Low power consumption without compromising on powerful cooling helps the customer to save on recurring electricity bills
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